SOPA Intake and Orientation

The SOPA Intake and Orientation is the first step in this pre-arrival process, ensuring that immigrants will arrive in Canada better prepared, more confident and enter the workforce sooner.

Meet SOPA Intake Counselors from across all provinces!

First SOPA BC Graduate from China

As a facilitator, you know when you have clients where it is just a matter of time until they find a good role in Canada. Yue was very proactive and open to working transitional jobs to gain more experience. While she was still in China, she registered for a legal translation course at Simon Fraser University, which she is really enjoying, and joined the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia.

How I Got a Job in Canada

I learned about SOPA thanks to a message board last year and saved the link in my favorites before even receiving my immigration visa. When I received a notification from IRCC to submit my passports, I went ahead and created an account with SOPA. I only wish I joined SOPA earlier and took all of the offered courses.

How I Learned to Sell My Skills in Canada

Michael states that the Job Search Strategies course “mentally prepared him on how to ‘sell’ himself to a company.” After his arrival, he met with an Employment Counsellor at the Regina Open Door Society to gain access to local job market advice and resources.

5 Things I Took Away From SOPA

Talking to SOPA facilitators reduced the anxiety of migrating to a new country without family and friends. There is nothing like having a feeling that somebody in SOPA will be there for me and my family when we arrive in Canada.

How did ‘Working in Canada’ help you?

This course is a great opportunity to discover and find out more information about Working in Canada, as I am sure every country has a unique process, so it is essential for us, newcomers, to know such details provided in this course.

News: Arrive Prepared

Fall is here in Canada – we’ve already had snow out west! – and the SOPA program is now firmly established! In the last year, the program has helped hundreds of pre-arrival clients from all over the world to arrive prepared in their new Canadian home.

Like, Follow, Connect

Today we can get connected instantly with the whole world using dynamic social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other platforms. Social media plays a central role in today’s global communication. At SOPA, we understand the importance of Social Media as a way to communicate with immigrants destined to Canada.

I’m Thankful to SOPA Team

I came to know about Canada job market and job search techniques which were very different from my home country. I used almost all of these techniques to find a job here. This success would not have been possible without this course and my facilitator.

Being Prepared is Half Way to Success

While researching for pre-arrival preparation resources I came across the Settlement Online Pre-Arrival program (SOPA). I was surprised that SOPA had a tailored course for Manitoba and it was absolutely free.