Like, Follow, Connect

Today we can get connected instantly with the whole world using dynamic social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and many other platforms. Social media plays a central role in today’s global communication. At SOPA, we understand the importance of Social Media as a way to communicate with immigrants destined to Canada.

I’m Thankful to SOPA Team

I came to know about Canada job market and job search techniques which were very different from my home country. I used almost all of these techniques to find a job here. This success would not have been possible without this course and my facilitator.

Being Prepared is Half Way to Success

While researching for pre-arrival preparation resources I came across the Settlement Online Pre-Arrival program (SOPA). I was surprised that SOPA had a tailored course for Manitoba and it was absolutely free.

Job Search Strategy Success

Linda Ragoonanan

When interviewers ask you behavioural questions, they want you to tell them about your past behaviour.

The formula for answering behavioural questions is

SAR: Situation, Action, Result.

Q&A from SOPA graduate

Q: What did you learn from your SOPA course that has made you better prepared to work in Canada?

A: I learned a lot. But the part of how to target cover letters and resumes was fantastic for me.

SOPA Interview with New Canadians

Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), SOPA delivers pre-arrival orientation, employment and workplace culture communication support for immigrants focusing on job search, job readiness and job retention.

News: SOPA is Growing

We are in the midst of summer in Canada and the SOPA program is growing every day! With close to 1400 client registrations, the program is now helping pre-arrival clients from all over the world to arrive prepared. Clients are praising the SOPA courses and orientation and they are telling their friends, family and neighbours about this terrific opportunity.

Moving Forward with Positive Steps

Like many immigrants, Hamid Rahmanifard, a Petroleum Engineering professional with over 6 years of experience, chose Canada, particularly Alberta, as the best place for professional growth and integration. Before relocation, Hamid participated in all five SOPA courses.

Mastering Presentation Skills for the Canadian Workplace

I had never made a presentation and had huge stage fright. Professional Communication helped me consolidate my knowledge about workplace communication and get more confident. But most importantly, I learnt about making presentations.

SOPA’s Soft Skills Courses

The Professional Communication course provides participants with communication tools required for success in the Canadian workplace.
Working with Others provides participants with communication tools required for success in the Canadian workplace.