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Arrange a free consultation with one of our staff members to help you arrive prepared to settle and work in Canada.

SOPA online courses help you develop the skills necessary for your job search in Canada. If you already have a job offer, the SOPA courses will provide you with communication tools required for success in the Canadian workplace.

About Courses and Services

Meet with a SOPA Counsellor for an individualized one-on-one counselling session focused on your unique settlement and job search needs.

SOPA Intake and Employment Counsellors are located in your Canadian province of destination and are waiting to meet with you in a one-on-one virtual session to answer your questions, address your concerns, and provide you with the precise information and support you need for a successful life and career in Canada.

SOPA online courses will give you an insight into Canadian job search strategy and workplace communications skills, including how to: make small talk, give feedback, ask questions in meetings, make presentations, learn to negotiate, network, work with others and learn how to manage conflicts in the Canadian workplace.

You will also have a chance to communicate in the course forums with your peers and make friends before moving to Canada.

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Job Search Strategies Express

Job Search Strategies Express is a self-guided course. It provides an opportunity for immigrants to get preliminary information about the job search...
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Soft Skills: Workplace Communication

In this facilitated course you will learn about two key types of workplace communication: presentations and meetings. You will learn...
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Free One-on-One Information Session

Arrange a free one-on-one consultation with one of our staff members to help you arrive prepared to settle and work...

Job Search Strategies

Get a head start on your Canadian job search! Learn and practice skills to be more competitive for positions in...

Free One-on-one Employment Counselling Session

Meet with a SOPA Employment Specialist for individualized one-on-one employment counselling focused on your job search!
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Canadian Workplace Integration

Canadian Workplace Integration is a self-guided course. This course will provide information about adapting to Canadian workplace culture, adapting your...

Understanding the difference between facilitated and self-guided courses


During facilitated courses, clients will work with an instructor. One of our instructors will work with you to guide you through the course and answer your questions. SOPA instructors located in the province of your destination. That means an additional information that our instructors provide you with, in each course, is tailored to your province of destination. SOPA instructors will help you improve your resume, answer questions on Canadian workplace culture and much more. You will get personalized one-on-one support.


Self- Guided

If you need flexibility or prefer studying on your own, then our four self-guided courses are just for you! Self-guided courses are without an instructor, but that doesn't mean that you will be completely on your own. Our self-guided course monitor will be there to help you with your enrolment or any other questions that you may have during your self-guided courses.

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Arrive one step ahead. Pre-arrival services that are initiated earlier in your immigration journey will help you effectively address your needs and build connections within your new local community and between pre-arrival and post arrival services.

SOPA Staff understand the importance of early action and preparation, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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