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SOPA program was created to help immigrants arrive prepared through exceptional courses and services.

Every story is different and unique. We hope that you find an inspiration while reading them.

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Alisha's story

Navigating New Beginnings: Alisha’s Inspirational Journey from the UK to Canada

Moving to a new country brings plenty of challenges, from adjusting to a different culture to navigating the job market in unfamiliar territory. Today, we share the inspiring journey of...
Vera yablochkova blog

Unlocking Opportunities: Navigating the Canadian Job Market with SOPA Services

Meet Vera Yablochkova, who successfully navigated the Canadian job market and secured her dream position as an insurance broker through the support and guidance of SOPA services. She continues to...
New Beginnings Newcomer Chronicles

New Beginnings: Chronicles of Newcomers Across Canada

New Beginnings: Chronicles of Newcomers Across Canada shares six stories of immigrants starting new lives in six different provinces across the country. These chronicles highlight the journeys of individuals who...
Fazil Malik blog post

Think Ahead and Take Action Today, The World Is Full Of Possibilities For You

Fazil Muhammad Malik, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, now resides in Surrey, British Columbia, where he has seamlessly transitioned into his chosen professional field. With his expertise spanning from sales and...
Oluwaseun story

Every Success is Unique and Individual

Oluwaseun, a skilled professional from Nigeria, brings with him an impressive background in the banking sector, accumulating over 10 years of valuable experience. His expertise in finance has led him...
Ahesan SOPA ON

Securing An Exciting Opportunity In Time Before Landing in Canada

Ahesan, originally from India, started his Canadian journey in May 2023 when he relocated to the vibrant Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Armed with a bachelor's degree in management studies and...
How I found job in a regulated field in canada

How To Prepare For A Job Search In Canada If Your Profession Is Regulated

My name is S.E. and I am originally from Germany. I arrived in Canada on May 3rd, 2023. I currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia (BC). I am aiming to...
Ayomide Chrales

Through SOPA I Learned to Highlight My Professional Background Abroad

Ayomide is from Nigeria, and she is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with a strong background in civil and environmental engineering. She is a self-motivated, and well-organized professional with clear...
Josiahs blog

Josiah’s Story: On the Right Path to a Successful Career

Josiah moved from Nigeria to iceberg-studded Newfoundland and Labrador in the middle of winter- January 2023. With temperatures often dropping below -20°C, it was a stark contrast to the warm...

Preparing For the Canadian Job Search

My name is Golam Sarwar, I am a certified professional data analyst with more than 10 years of experience in data analysis, data management and software development field. Before I...