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SOPA program was created to help immigrants arrive prepared through exceptional courses and services.

Every story is different and unique. We hope that you find an inspiration while reading them.

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Small community of people that rallied for me

Small Community of People That Rallied For Me

I can vividly remember the excitement when I finally received an email confirming the approval of my permanent resident visa application after three long years of waiting. Shortly after that,...
You need to have focused job search

You Need to Have A Focused Job Search Strategy

As an established finance and accounting manager from India, Hemamalini has over eight years of experience in manufacturing, retail, banking, financial services, and construction. She has completed CPA & CGA...
Adeshola Afolabi Blog Banner

How I Aced My First Canadian Interview

I am Adeshola Afolabi, a Permanent Resident who recently relocated from Lagos, Nigeria to Toronto, Ontario. I learned about SOPA when I got my passport request letter email from IRCC...
Beat the odds Blog Banner-1

Beat the odds: Settling in Calgary During the Pandemic (Part 2)

I apologize that the second part of my blog is coming much later than anticipated. It’s been a year since the first part of my guest post was posted here,...
Sidra Mobin Learning Opportunity

Sidra Mobin: Learning Opportunity

Sidra Mobin is originally from Karachi, Pakistan. She landed in British Columbia on June 28th, 2020- during the pandemic. Sidra was all alone and did not know anyone in BC...
SOPA courses nit a nail on my hear

SOPA Courses Hit the Nail On the Head

Lydia Ogunoye joined the SOPA program while still in her home country as she was getting ready for her immigration to Canada. When you are moving to a new country,...
Interview with Farhad Ahmad - Co

Farhad Ahmad: You need the right tools to prepare for the Canadian job market

Farhad Ahmad immigrated recently from Afghanistan to Vancouver, British Columbia. Farhad is an experienced professional. He worked in the field of management consulting and strategic planning. Before coming to Canada...
Interview with Udeh Olughu-Start page

I did all the hard work before coming to Canada

Udeh Olughu arrived in Canada from Nigeria. Udeh found a job in his field just 13 days after landing. Back home Udeh worked in the financial industry. He used to...
Preparing adquately before arriving

Preparing Adequately Before Arriving is Crucial to Succeeding in Canada

Canada holds a huge attraction for highly-skilled professionals from all over the world. Most of these professionals are drawn to the immense possibilities that come with living and working in...
Astrid Ene blog

I light up when I talk about SOPA

Astrid Ene arrived in Canada with her husband in January 2017. After spending some time in Montreal, they are now settled in their original province of destination, Ontario. Astrid currently...