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Fazil Muhammad Malik, originally from Karachi, Pakistan, now resides in Surrey, British Columbia, where he has seamlessly transitioned into his chosen professional field. With his expertise spanning from sales and marketing to logistics and project management, Fazil quickly secured employment in BC, Canada, within a remarkably short period.

Fazil has been an owner and operator of logistics at Vancity Courier Service Inc. since October 2023. Fazil says that this work experience has been rewarding. And it is a testament to the effectiveness of a multifaceted job search strategy.

Currently, he is also working on setting up his own logistics business in Canada, The website is almost completed. He has already applied for the BC registration of the company. The main office will be in Surrey and it will be the first 100% digitized ecommerce courier business in BC. It will help customers deliver packages in Greater Vancouver with the online booking system.

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Even before his relocation to Canada, Fazil showed proactive readiness for his transition to life in Canada. Recognizing the value of thorough preparation, he enrolled in our pre-arrival program. The program was recommended by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to assist new immigrants in securing suitable employment opportunities. Fazil’s fervent commitment to learning was evident from the outset. He wholeheartedly engaged with our comprehensive selection of online courses and services.

He started with an Intake Counselling session, then enrolled in our instructor-led Job Search Strategies (JSS) course and Soft Skills- Social Interactions course, as well as the self-guided course Working in Canada. Meanwhile, he worked closely with an Employment Counsellor (EC) on his career goals. Our SOPA staff were quite impressed with Fazil’s commitment to learning.

“Fazil stood out as an outstanding client within MOSAIC’s SOPA program. He has showcased a combination of expertise and professionalism along with a positive attitude and strong commitment during his participation in the program.

Fazil actively participated in SOPA’s Job Search Strategies course and Soft Skills course, demonstrating a strong dedication. He was eager to maximize the benefits of the courses to learn how to effectively integrate into the Canadian workplace.

Furthermore, Fazil was fast in learning! He completed the 6-week Job Search Strategies course within a week. He delivered high performance in all his course assignments! His accomplishment as the “Fastest Learner in Job Search Strategies Course” has also been featured across various SOPA social media platforms.

We are happy that Fazil has successfully settled in British Columbia, Canada and is launching his new business soon within just two months of his arrival! It was a pleasure being part of Fazil’s job search journey and we wish him the very best in all his future endeavours!” Josephine Wang, Employment Courses Facilitator, SOPA, BC.

We asked Fazil a few questions to help our prospective clients understand the benefits of taking part in the pre-arrival programs and share his own experience. As a bonus, you will get to learn Fazil’s best tips for immigrants planning to move to Canada. We now invite Fazil to share his story!

In October 2023, I successfully secured a position with a logistics company in Vancouver. Interestingly, this opportunity was self-discovered and not directly related to my previous professional experience. This experience has been both rewarding and a testament to the effectiveness of a multifaceted job search strategy.

Fazil Malik
What did you learn from SOPA courses that helped you understand that subject better?

In the Job Search Strategies course, I learned how to start my job hunt, how perfectly I can do that, and how to make it even better. I learned how to write a targeted resume and cover letter before applying. The best part was to learn how to market myself! Furthermore, this course helped me understand my strengths & weaknesses. How to highlight them in the interview process.

In the Soft Skills – Social Interactions course, I learned how to communicate in the Canadian workplace. I also learned how to interact with my colleagues, and how and what discussions I should have with them.

What strategies did you use to find your job?

I utilized a multifaceted approach in my job search. Initially, I focused on pre-arrival preparation. I enrolled in the SOPA pre-arrival program, where I completed courses on Job Search Strategies and Soft Skills with the invaluable support of the course facilitator and self-guided Working in Canada course. I received personalized career support through one-on-one sessions with an Employment Counsellor. Through this, I gained practical insights into effective job searching in Canada. I honed my skills in crafting a targeted Canadian-style resume and cover letter. I accessed various useful resources. From tips on effective job searching to information about various industries and sectors.

Concurrently, I prioritized networking within my professional domain by attending relevant employer and networking events. I used LinkedIn to connect with recruiters and other professionals. While doing so, I explored opportunities in related fields, strategically broadening my search to leverage transferable skills. Additionally, I remained open-minded to alternative fields, contemplating how my expertise could be applied in diverse settings.

In October 2023, I successfully secured a position with a logistics company in Vancouver. Interestingly, this opportunity was self-discovered and not directly related to my previous professional experience. This experience has been both rewarding and a testament to the effectiveness of a multifaceted job search strategy.

How did SOPA change your approach to seeking employment in Canada?
  • Where and how to start my job hunt in Canada
  • How to effectively tailor my Resume and Cover Letter to job postings
  • How to improve my LinkedIn profile and elevator pitch to better market myself
  • The way I communicate and interact with people in Canada, both in daily life and in the workplace

The SOPA pre-arrival program significantly transformed my approach to seeking employment in Canada. It provided me with a structured and insightful framework to understand the Canadian job market and its nuances.

What did you work the most with your employment counsellor and facilitator?

Targeted resume, targeted cover letter, interviews and LinkedIn profile, career planning and job search techniques.

During the first EC session, Fazil showed a clear sense of purpose and confidence. His extensive experience in high-level positions posed a challenge in providing recommendations. Fazil is a confident and educated person who quickly understands information and is very curious. He is sociable, and positive, and easily makes connections in various aspects of life.

In the initial days after arriving, he efficiently established himself in Surrey. He completed essential tasks such as obtaining necessary documents, opening a bank account, and purchasing a car. Surprisingly, within just two months of arriving in Canada, Fazil found his way into a new field and was in the process of starting his own business.

Fazil consistently impressed us, both before and after coming to Canada. His unique, well-organized, and goal-oriented approach sets him apart. I am confident that he will achieve significant success in Canada. He could become an excellent mentor for newly arrived immigrants in the future!” Anna Romaniuk, Employment Counsellor, SOPA, BC.

What tips or helpful information you can share that may help other newcomers?

Certainly! Here are some tips and helpful information based on my experience that may assist other newcomers:

  • Networking is Key: Participate in networking events, both online and in-person, within your industry and related fields. Use professional platforms like LinkedIn to connect with professionals, join relevant groups, and stay updated on industry trends.
  • Pre-arrival Programs: Consider enrolling in pre-arrival programs like SOPA to gain valuable insights into the Canadian job market, improve soft skills, and receive personalized guidance.
  • Resume and Cover Letter Tailoring: Adapt your resume and cover letter to the Canadian style. Focus on highlighting relevant skills and experiences that align with the expectations of Canadian employers.
  • Transferable Skills: Recognize and emphasize your transferable skills. Think about how your existing skills can be valuable in different industries or roles.
  • Open-Mindedness: Stay open-minded about job opportunities. While focusing on your preferred field, consider alternative roles or industries where your skills can be applied.
  • Professional Development: Consider additional professional development courses or certifications to enhance your skills and stay competitive in the job market.
  • Local Job Search Resources: Familiarize yourself with local job search resources, job boards, and company websites. Many opportunities are usually posted directly on company career pages.
  • Persistence and Patience: Job searching can take time, so be persistent and patient. Stay positive, learn from each experience, and adapt your approach based on feedback.

Remember, each journey is unique, and finding the right opportunity may take time. Stay proactive, learn and adapt, and leverage available resources and support networks. And sign up for SOPA courses and services to help you arrive prepared in Canada.

Would you recommend SOPA to your family member or a friend?

Certainly! First of all, thank you so much, Josephine, for giving me an opportunity to complete the JSS course and helping me throughout any issues. I would also like to thank Kal Sidhu, my Intake Counselor, for pushing me to complete this course. Anna, for helping me with Employment Counselling. Last but not least I am thankful to SOPA and MOSAIC teams for introducing such informative courses for immigrants coming to Canada. 

Thank you and wish you, everyone, great success. 

Fazil Malik, SOPA British Columbia Client

The story was edited and prepared by Albina Ziatdinova, Online Community and Social Media Monitor

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