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Connect with Canadian professionals ready to help you prepare for a successful job search and to work in Canada! Arrive better prepared with our free tools, resources and courses designed to help you find a job in your field in Canada.


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Arrive one step ahead. Pre-arrival services that are initiated earlier in your immigration journey will help you effectively address your needs and build connections within your new local community and between pre-arrival and post-arrival services.

SOPA Staff understands the importance of early action and preparation, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

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We can help you arrive better prepared. Our free tools, resources and courses are designed to help you find a job in your field in Canada.

By registering with the SOPA Program you will receive personalized one-hour planning session on career and settlement goals with our staff located in the province of your destination

SOPA courses help you develop the skills necessary for your job search in Canada. If you already have a job offer, the SOPA courses will provide you with communication tools required for success in the Canadian workplace.

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Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) is an Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada (IRCC) funded program that delivers free pre-arrival services for job readiness, success and retention.

SOPA For Youth -  Passport to Success. If you're age 15-30, join SOPA to learn skills for success through an interactive online platform.

SOPA for Refugees introduces you to important information about the Canadian job market, job search process and Canadian culture, through an interactive, online course called Ready to Work.

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SOPA understands the importance of arriving prepared. And our clients do, too! SOPA clients are telling us again and again that they are arriving more confident, more knowledgeable and better prepared for their working life in Canada.

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