News: Arrive Prepared

Greetings all,

It’s 2017 and we have passed SOPA’s one-year anniversary – an exciting event marked by a virtual gathering of the national staff, celebrating staff and client successes.

And by the time you read this newsletter, SOPA will have over 2100 client registrations and we are still very proud to say that our biggest source of referrals is friends, family or acquaintances who have participated in or are familiar with SOPA. There is nothing more powerful than these endorsements from our clients. Again, we must say thanks to the many who have praised and recommended the program. It’s a significant part of the success of SOPA. So, thank you! And keep spreading the news!

Another important part of our success is our partnerships. We couldn’t move forward without them. We have, of course, partnerships with the organizations who directly deliver the SOPA Program across the country and every day they are doing terrific work for our clients. We also have partnerships, formal and informal, with many other organizations across the country. One of those organizations is Next Stop Canada. Please take a few minutes and check out our Featured Partner section below to read more about Next Stop Canada.

As always, there’s lots to talk about in the world of pre-arrival services, but I will let the SOPA team take over. Please read on for client success stories, a great interview with a recent SOPA graduate, our regular social media update, and much more!

And don’t forget to engage with us through social media, we’re on all the major channels. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, you should be. Join this rapidly growing professional network and I will see you there!

Please visit for more information about the SOPA program. We welcome your comments and suggestions on our content.

Andrew Leverman

Project Lead, SOPA