SOPA: First step to job success in Canada

My name is Vladyslav Marko and I am Logistics Coordinator from Ukraine. I decided to move to British Columbia, Canada together with my wife.  I found out about Settlement Online Pre-arrival (SOPA) program while searching the internet and after a quick research of the five courses offered, I decided to take the Job Search Strategies Course. It proved to be a great way to start an effective job search and get prepared for my new life in Canada.

First, I have learned how to assess my job search skills and conduct research about my occupation. I also understood difference between soft, hard and employability skills. While researching my occupation, I was able to find some job-related courses connected with my profession that helped to increase my chances of getting a job in Canada. Furthermore, under the professional guidance of my facilitator Ms. Soraya Etminan, I created my general resume and practiced finding advertised job that matched my qualification and skills. In addition to that, I found out how to correctly target my resume and cover letter for a specific job advertisement and how to get recommendation letters and references.

“Before starting the Job Search Strategies Course, I only had a vague idea about Canadian job market, how to promote myself or how to use job search tools. The course provided me with useful information and gave an opportunity to learn, develop and practice my job search and interview skills.” Vladyslav Marko

What I found especially valuable and useful in the Job Search Strategies Course was the information and resources about the stages and formats of an interview, types of interview questions and how to predict questions you might be asked.  Thanks to that, I became prepared to answer each format questions. In addition, I learned how to answer interview questions that are the most challenging part of a job interview, recognized and examined how to handle hard interview situations, identified and prepared questions I can ask an interviewer.

I am very thankful to SOPA team for providing me with ‘Optimal resumes’ website resources, where I have learned about more than 100 typical job interview questions and examples of answers to them. This part of the Job Search Strategies course was very useful and exciting. I thank a lot, my dear facilitator, Soraya, who gave me a positive and constructive feedback and valuable comments that boosted my confidence in finding a job in Canada.

“I am pleased to share that within the two months of arrival I received and accepted a job offer for a position of Logistics Coordinator at ‘ContainerWorld Forwarding’ Company. I am confident that I was able to achieve this goal thanks to the Job Search Strategies Course.” Vladyslav Marko

Job Search Strategies course proves to be an effective and a must-do course for everyone who wants to get a well-structured and profound knowledge about the job search in Canada and get completely prepared to find a job in their occupation. I would recommend the SOPA program as the first step for all new immigrants who want to achieve success in their new life in Canada.

Thank you, wonderful SOPA Team, for your kind support and encouragement along with a top-notch service you provide to people!

– Vladyslav Marko

SOPA British Columbia Client


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