First SOPA BC Graduate from China

Yue Xu is a professional translator from China who wanted to build her personal network in Canada. Her diverse experience includes translating for government bodies and companies. She took Professional Communication to get a better understanding of Canadian working culture and was an incredibly focused participant who was open to learning the concepts.

I find the assignments and discussion board extremely helpful even though I dread writing, especially in a foreign language. But hey, doesn’t that mean I need to practice more?”

As a facilitator, you know when you have clients where it is just a matter of time until they find a good role in Canada. Yue was very proactive and open to working transitional jobs to gain more experience. While she was still in China, she registered for a legal translation course at Simon Fraser University, which she is really enjoying, and joined the Society of Translators and Interpreters of British Columbia.

Not surprisingly, she lined up interviews within the first few months from several different companies. “I finally accepted a position with a company that is producing renewable fuel. Because it is a diverse role, I will be able to learn a lot, which I look forward to.”

Not only did she get this position, but she was offered a freelance opportunity to translate at the hospitals when she didn’t even apply for a job. “I was really surprised because I am not yet a certified translator in Canada, but they found my name on the association I joined and contacted me.”

Yue is one of many SOPA clients who have amazing results when they are open and implement facilitators’ feedback. She said, “You have been giving me so much valuable advice and I really appreciate that because it has made me more confident, realistic and prepared.”


– Melissa Chungfat

Cultural Communications Facilitator

SOPA British Columbia