Moving Forward with Positive Steps

Like many immigrants, Hamid Rahmanifard, a Petroleum Engineering professional with over 6 years of experience, chose Canada, particularly Alberta, as the best place for professional growth and integration. Before relocation, Hamid participated in all five SOPA courses. Due to his eagerness to arrive prepared, Hamid finished his courses ahead of schedule, completing all assignments with a high level of accuracy. In his course evaluation, Hamid wrote, “In my opinion, the main advantage of having information about how to find a job is that we feel more relaxed since we now know what the path is.”

After arriving in Canada and meeting with the SOPA AB team, Hamid has been taking advantage of various post-arrival service referrals and is moving forward with positive steps.

During his first two months in Calgary, he has had over 20 informational interviews. In addition, Hamid had the unique opportunity to work at the Global Petroleum Show in June, where he was involved with customer service, hosting, and registration activities. Not only did Hamid have an exceptional opportunity to experience Canadian workplace culture, but he was also able to network in the largest gathering of the oil and gas companies in Canada. Hamid made several valuable professional contacts which will hopefully lead him to successfully integrate into his field of expertise.

“That was so amazing. Not just because it was my first work experience in Calgary, but also because it gave me a feeling of being a Calgarian. My colleagues’ behaviors were so friendly and I found it to be a very good opportunity to practice my English and find more friends here”Hamid Rahmanifard

The SOPA AB team wishes Hamid all the best and is ready to support Hamid with his integration into his professional field of expertise in Alberta.

– Hasmik Asmaryan

Job Search Strategies Facilitator, SOPA Alberta
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