Job Search Strategies: What Our Clients Say

The Job Search Strategies course helps develop your job search tools and interview skills before you arrive in Canada. Across the country, newcomers are experiencing the benefit of arriving prepared. Job Search Strategies will help you prepare cover letters, write resumes, market yourself and teach you about what to expect in a job interview in Canada. Read below feedback from our clients about their experience with SOPA’s Job Search Strategies course:

British Columbia
“Thanks so much for your courses in SOPA programs. They really motivated me to change my approach to preparing to come to Canada. I can honestly say that putting your course’s tips and tools into practise made me feel more confident, helped me to get more feedback on my work and allowed me to figure out a new way and style for corresponding with potential employers that I’m finally comfortable with.”

“Thank you for your useful and valuable comments on my assignment. I am sure that your comments will help me to have a better résumé and consequently it will improve my job-hunting skills.”

“This course helped me a lot because it made me more confident and prepared for my job application. All of the topics are useful and informative. I have a lot of takeaways from each lesson; every activity and assignment was engaging. It made me reflect on what I’ve done before and what I need to do moving forward. I highly recommend this course, and I want to thank my facilitator for her dedication, assistance and feedback.”

“I think we were able to learn the most important things regarding the Canadian job market. In principle, we learned how to adapt our résumés and cover letters according to Canadian standards & style. We learned how to approach employers and got to know techniques for job interviews, as well as hard and soft skills. This is a very valuable experience, and being able to get professional hints from Lisa was the most exciting part of it all. Thank you.”

“I found the information on this course very useful. I can’t believe that I did such huge progress in just 4 weeks. I feel very lucky and grateful for the opportunity to participate in this essential course.”

Atlantic Provinces
“The great part of the course was an interview and everything connected with it: preparing for an interview, making a good first impression, predicting and answering interview questions, sending thank-you notes and assessing an interview.”