Q&A with Mohamed K. Mahmoud

Mohammed is goal-oriented information technologist and seasoned business analyst professional with a litany of professional trainings to credit. He has 13+ years of impressive track record in handling high-end IT projects as well as providing demos, software solutions and presentations to major reputed entities.

We asked him about his experiences with the SOPA program.

How would you describe your SOPA experience?

I can truly say that it was very useful since I started my registration with SOPA two months pre-arrival – I had all my questions answered and got all the help needed to be prepared for settlement in Canada.

SOPA got me registered in many useful courses that were of great help putting me on the right track in terms of Canadian culture engagement and job search techniques

If you feel more prepared for the Canadian workplace, how did SOPA help to prepare you?

I learned mostly all the needed responses to several situation, got more knowledge about the culture and daily encounters that was very helpful, not only in the workplace, but also in daily activities

Imagine you saw a job ad that you would like to apply to, what things that you learned from SOPA would you apply?

I learned to check the job ad if it is fitting or matching my experience and qualification, then I have to do a thorough analysis on the keywords used in the ad, what are the common points matched with my resume to be highlighted. Also learned how to target my resume towards the needed qualifications and skills. I would say that it was very helpful and comprehensive, a must for any newcomer.

Imagine you are in a new Canadian workplace, what things that you learned from Soft Skills would you apply?

I learned how to deal with different situation, how to give feedback and how to react to given comments. Also learned things that should be avoided with different cultures and scenarios on daily activities at work.

What has surprised you most about your new city?

Actually, Halifax is amazing, I really love it. Very quiet and interesting, full of sightseeing and not stressful at all. The whole family loves it so much!