Job Search Strategies = Success

Vivek and Manisha decided to move to Canada and chose British Columbia for its beauty, opportunities, and ethnic diversity. They heard about SOPA from Planning For Canada and decided to explore further by starting with the Job Search Strategies course. They discovered various methods of job search strategies from SOPA and, as their facilitator, I provided prompt feedback and support.

Vivek and Manisha completed the Job Search Strategies course and came with a better understanding of the labour market, job search and the challenges that they may possibly face after arriving in Canada. They learned about the importance of a proper resume, interview skills, first impressions, how to dress for interviews, and more.

Among the many referrals made by SOPA for the clients, Manisha was referred to ‘Dress for Success’ and Vivek to a ‘Moore’s: Clothing for Men’ Event, both sponsored by MOSAIC.

On arrival, they were encouraged to attend a job fair in Surrey, BC, where they found out about different companies and met with many job recruiters. They were delighted to say that within only 2 weeks after arrival they had several job interviews. So, Vivek found his first job in Canada and now works at TELUS as a customer service representative. Manisha got a job as a Human Resources Assistant, but continues to look for her dream job and additionally volunteers at MOSAIC.
In their own words:

Special appreciation and recognition to our facilitator and the SOPA team for continuous support and motivation throughout our journey to Canada. Manisha and I are looking forward to starting a new life in Canada and giving back to the SOPA program, which helped us immensely in having a smooth transition to Canada.”Vivek and Manisha

– Linda Ragoonanan

Job Search Strategies Facilitator

SOPA British Columbia