5 Things I Took Away From SOPA

I am a graduate of accounting with Master of Business Administration (MBA) and I chose internal auditing as my career path.  I have been working as an internal auditor for the past 9 years in various roles. I also worked with one of the biggest banks in Nigeria as an internal auditor. I’m immigrating soon to Nova Scotia, Canada with my family. Before immigrating, I participated in the SOPA Program and I am happy to be a SOPA graduate.

There are so many things I took away from SOPA, but I will share 5 of them with you.

  1. Talking to SOPA facilitators reduced the anxiety of migrating to a new country without family and friends. There is nothing like having a feeling that somebody in SOPA will be there for me and my family when we arrive in Canada.
  2. I now understand that no matter how excellent your hard skills are, although that could change due to technology, we also need a blend of soft skills. Soft skills are transferable across employment and help you to be successful (e.g., team spirit, communication skills and leadership skills).
  3. SOPA taught me the need to target my resume for jobs. I am used to making one size fits all resume. But thanks to SOPA, I now know I need to highlight my skills to suit jobs, which makes sense.
  4. SOPA also taught me that, as new immigrant to Canada, it might not be easy but I should remain positive and I have read about examples of immigrants like me that succeeded. That has boosted my morale and SOPA has increased positive energy around me.
  5. Lastly, SOPA taught me to maximize my day of small beginnings. Anything I find my hand to do upon arrival in Canada, I should do it well because that is what will define me. It’s an advice that is close to my heart.

SOPA is an interesting program with excellent facilitators. The counselling sessions are invaluable.

Thanks for the huge opportunity.

– Adeyinka Akinpelu

SOPA Atlantic Client