Mastering Presentation Skills for the Canadian Workplace

Sourav Tosh took the SOPA Professional Communication course in April, 2016. From the start of the course, Sourav worked hard to complete his assignments and was an extremely positive addition to the course.

A Professional Communication course requirement is a 5-10 minute presentation on a topic of the client’s choice. When it was Sourav’s time to deliver his, it was clear that he was nervous but his Presentation Outline was well planned out so I knew he was prepared. His topic was an Overview of the Video Game Industry and as a Video Game Developer; I knew he had a lot to share with me.

Sourav knocked it out of the park! His presentation was informative and interesting. I love learning from clients and I learned a lot about the video game industry from that presentation.

Giving a presentation is not an easy task but Sourav incorporated all the strategies from the Professional Communication unit and delivered one of the most memorable presentations I had ever seen.

I’m so proud that he has transferred these skills to an authentic workplace success and I know that there will be many more of these workplace successes for Sourav as he begins the next stage of his career working in his exciting new position with Halifax for River Studios as a Virtual Reality Game Developer. Congratulations to Sourav!

– Christine Wall

Cultural Communication Facilitator, SOPA Atlantic

“It prepares you for the real thing like nothing else can. Very highly recommended.Sourav Tosh

“I had never made a presentation and had huge stage fright. Professional Communication helped me consolidate my knowledge about workplace communication and get more confident. But most importantly, I learnt about making presentations.

Christine Wall, my instructor, took every step necessary to help and motivate me to create and present a topic to her. I did a decent presentation and she encouraged me on my strengths and pointed out the areas of improvement.

Just a couple of weeks after the course, I was asked to present something at my workplace. I would have turned white if I had not had Christine’s feedback and the course knowledge with me. Eventually the presentation went very well and I even got written commendation about it from my manager. So there is proof that this course is not all theory.”

– Sourav Tosh

Soft Skills: Professional Communication Participant