How I Got An Interview in Canada

While preparing for the “Big Move”, I’ve been keen in researching how to adapt easily and how to start a new life in Canada. I have attended webinars and seminars from different pre-arrival organization: CIIP, COA and PDOS, where I learned a lot. But some of the most important lessons that I have got were from the SOPA program.

After enrolling in the SOPA’s Job Search Strategies course, I printed out the assignment submission schedule and always reminded myself to complete the assignments on time. Our course facilitator, Gemma Follini (SOPA Ontario Team), has been very helpful in providing her constructive comments on my works.

I have been applying for work in Canada ever since I received my visa but never been successful to get an offer, not even an interview. Up until I applied all what I have learned from SOPA about resume and cover letter writing.

“After sending my targeted resume and cover letter I received an invitation for a telephone interview. All of these would not happen without the help of SOPA.”Madel Abarquez

Thanks to Ms. Gemma, for her patience and help with my targeted resume. We revised it three times and she never stopped until I made it right.

My first Canadian telephone interview went well. All that I have learned about preparing for interview from the Job Search Strategies course, I used during my interview. I researched the company and their current projects, I practiced possible interview questions, I even prepared questions for the interviewer. After the interview, I emailed a thank you letter. Also, after a week, I sent out a follow up email. The interviewer said she would get back to me after talking to the manager and hopefully I will have a follow up interview with the technical staff.

Well, I am not sure if I got the job, but I know I am getting there. I am happy now, because I know I am on the right track. I know how to make Canadian style targeted resume and cover letter, and it really works. And even if I don’t get this job, I will just charge it to experience so, that the next time I will be interviewed, I will be more confident to talk about my work, my accomplishments, and myself.

– Madel Abarquez

SOPA Ontario Client