What Is Canadian Workplace Integration?

I think that the Canadian Workplace Integration course is one of the best courses offered by SOPA. This is because the course focuses on closing the gap between what new immigrants know and expect from a workplace in Canada, to how employers and colleagues actually view the newcomers. As newcomers we usually think that we should improve our technical and hard skills, rather than soft skills, in order to get a job and to progress in a certain career. Because this is how things worked for us in our home countries.

Tips For Workplace Cultural Adaptation

Over two decades ago, I boarded a plane for a teaching job in Japan. I had very little workplace cultural information about my new host country, but I did find one small book and read it from cover to cover. I memorized facts about this new culture and held onto them like the life rings they were. I knew that this information was going to help me navigate the choppy waters of cultural adaptation.

8 questions with the SOPA Graduate

Fahim Al Faruqui is an Information and Technology Services Professional from Bangladesh. He has extensive experience working in IT field and arriving soon in Halifax. Fahim has just finished SOPA’s Soft Skills: Professional Communication course and is sharing his experience with our Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) program. We hope Fahim’s answers will help you learn a little bit more about SOPA program.

Arrive Prepared and Find Success

In January 2017 a few months before coming to Canada Omotola Owoeye registered with the SOPA (Settlement Online Pre-Arrival) program and successfully completed the Job Search Strategies course. Within a few weeks of arrival Omotola has already had several interviews and by the end of June Omotola had two job offers to choose from.

PASS – Pre-Arrival Program for Nurses

The Pre-Arrival Supports and Services (PASS) Program, funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, supports pre-arrival Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs) in their countries of residence who are planning immigration to Canada. PASS offers supports and services designed to shorten the time that IENs spend from arrival in Canada to professional registration and employment.

SOPA: First step to job success in Canada

What I found especially valuable and useful in the Job Search Strategies Course was the information and resources about the stages and formats of an interview, types of interview questions and how to predict questions you might be asked. Thanks to that, I became prepared to answer each format questions during my interviews in Canada.

Success Stories from Alberta

What is a success story? Finding job in your field soon after immigrating to Canada? Certainly, finding job after arriving in Canada is a huge success. However, at SOPA, we think that finding job, retaining your job and integrating into your new workplace are parts of your bigger success story in Canada.

What to Expect When You Move to Canada

I heard about different pre-arrival services available for immigrants to Canada. That’s when I saw information about Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) on the website of Government of Manitoba. I was encouraged to try the program by the positive feedback and reviews from past SOPA clients. After registering, I was contacted by the SOPA intake counsellor right away. The online one-on-one meeting on needs assessment was very helpful.

Before Boarding a Plane to Canada

Before arriving in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan on October 1st, 2016, my wife and I went through the SOPA program. We heard of the SOPA program through a SOPA client, who had recently arrived in Canada.

Four Thousand Miles – A Banking Professional’s Journey from Russia (Part 2)

Natalya was amazed by the unique combination of fresh air, abundance of colours and the small wild animals in the city; as well as the convenient urban facilities and impressive high-rise downtown buildings with the roofs disappearing in the thick fog on overcast mornings. It all felt like some kind of movie to Natalya at first.