How SOPA helped me get started in my Canadian journey

If you’re looking into starting a new life in Canada, SOPA is, in my honest opinion, the best organization to reach out to. I started my Canadian journey about three years ago when I began researching the country, its culture and even spoke to people who had immigrated long before. I soon came to understand that its diverse economy was the best option for me but then started to worry about how soon I can find work and how I would adjust to the Canadian work culture.

My extensive online research brought me to SOPA, where I received top-notch guidance and help. Learning that it is funded by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) made me feel very confident in their expertise and knowledge.

From the very beginning, the team explained the basics about life in Canada, how to find work and a place to live, they even suggested neighbourhoods to consider for rent, and how to better integrate into a new workplace. I felt that the SOPA team showed extensive knowledge in every aspect a landing immigrant would need to know. They also have an extensive library of online resources!

I came to Toronto in August 2019 through the Express Entry program and found work in two weeks. I am in the same line of work as I did back home and I couldn’t be happier because I focused my job search on specific industries. I’m now working on building a network of industry leaders and mentors. The lack of Canadian experience has not come up as an issue in my job search journey.

The Job Search Strategies course was extremely useful in helping me understand how the Canadian business culture operates and Andreea Glavan, the course facilitator, is one of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever met. What I appreciate most is that I still go back to the guide book I received on day one about services in Ontario, not to mention that Andreea always knows how to motivate people in their job search.

If you need help in understanding Canadian culture and values, SOPA is the way to go!

Written by: Luana Pascu, SOPA Ontario Graduate