Be Better Prepared for Your New Life with Next Stop Canada

On April 1st, 2016, the YMCA of Greater Toronto’s Immigrant Services launched their pre-arrival program Next Stop Canada. Funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), the program’s primary objective is to provide quality settlement services to new immigrants before they arrive in Canada. The staff at Next Stop Canada, being immigrants themselves, have firsthand experience and bring with them a unique and insightful perspective on the settlement process.

Next Stop Canada’s services focus on the different needs of adults and youth as they prepare for their new lives in Canada. Clients who register their children can take advantage of the only youth pre-arrival service designed to better prepare immigrant youth for their transition to school in Canada. The youth program, for those 12 to 19 years old, provides access to self-directed learning modules, interactive videos and a mentorship program which connects youth to other successful Canadian immigrant youth.

Clients who register with the adult services have access to the unique live chat feature, which allows an Information and Referral Specialist to assess their situation and provide them with a personalized settlement plan based on their individual needs. Clients also have access to information about various aspects of life in Canada, including finding a place to live, the Canadian health system, banking and finance, community services, and much more. To be eligible for these services and to register for the program, clients must have received an official invitation to immigrate to Canada, be residing outside of Canada, and must be able to submit the required documentation.

Enrolling in this pre-arrival program can help alleviate many of the fears and misconceptions that new immigrants may have while preparing for their journey. Next Stop Canada understands the anxiety, excitement and uncertainties that come with immigrating to a new country. With Next Stop Canada, clients will feel more confident about settling in their new home, adapting to Canadian culture and building a network before their arrival.

For more information about to access the Next Stop Canada program, visit or email today.