I’m Thankful to SOPA Team

I came to know about Canada job market and job search techniques which were very different from my home country. I used almost all of these techniques to find a job here. This success would not have been possible without this course and my facilitator.

Q&A from SOPA graduate

Q: What did you learn from your SOPA course that has made you better prepared to work in Canada?

A: I learned a lot. But the part of how to target cover letters and resumes was fantastic for me.

Moving Forward with Positive Steps

Like many immigrants, Hamid Rahmanifard, a Petroleum Engineering professional with over 6 years of experience, chose Canada, particularly Alberta, as the best place for professional growth and integration. Before relocation, Hamid participated in all five SOPA courses.

How I Got An Interview in Canada

While preparing for the “Big Move”, I’ve been keen in researching how to adapt easily and how to start a new life in Canada. I have attended webinars and seminars from different pre-arrival organization: CIIP, COA and PDOS, where I learned a lot. But some of the most important lessons that I have got were from the SOPA program.

Job Search Strategies: What Our Clients Say

Job Search Strategies develops your job search tools and interview skills before you arrive in Canada. Across the country, newcomers are experiencing the benefit of arriving prepared. Job Search Strategies will help you prepare cover letters, write resumes, market yourself and teach you about what to expect in a job interview in Canada.