Soft Skills: Workplace Communication

In this facilitated course you will learn about two key types of workplace communication: presentations and meetings. You will learn how to plan and deliver a successful presentation and actively take part in meetings both as a leader and participant.

Course Description

There are many kinds of communication that happen in the workplace, most of which build on other soft skills such as small talk, active listening skills and constructive feedback. These skills are learned in our other courses; however, it is also critical to know and understand how to communicate effectively in presentations and meetings.

Depending on your workplace these types of communication may happen with different frequencies, however, both giving presentations and participating in meetings may occur more commonly in Canadian culture than you are expecting. Since you will likely be expected to give some kind of presentation during your employment in Canada, it will be important to know how to plan and deliver effective and successful presentations.

Similarly, meetings will be common in nearly all Canadian workplaces since they are used to share and brainstorm ideas as well as develop strategies for success. Learn the nuances of presentations and meetings in the Canadian workplace in our Workplace Communication course so that you can arrive prepared.

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Delivery Method

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