Welcome to Canada: The BCCA Integrating Newcomers Team

The British Columbia Construction Association’s Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) is a program that helps newcomers to Canada enter the construction workforce in British Columbia.

With a variety of services, the team works to assess skills, support integration into a Canadian community and connect with job opportunities in Canada.

Speaking of the team, let us introduce the key players who can help you arrive prepared in Canada.

Teresa, Data Coordinator

Teresa will be your first point of contact with the BCCA-IN program. She’s ready to learn more about you and your skills. She will direct you to a REPS who is the right fit.

When applying for the program, her main advice is:

“Provide all the information you can to help move the process along quickly. Don’t be afraid to ask me questions and follow up if you are unsure of something!”


Daniel, Regional Employment Placement Specialist (REPS)

Daniel came to Canada from Taiwan in 1996 with 11 years of experience in marketing and sales, a Master’s degree from the University of Central Missouri and enough determination to move mountains.

“My goal as a Regional Employment Placement Specialist with BCCA-IN is to build a participant’s confidence and motivate newcomers.”


Matthew, Skills Assessor

When you ask Matthew about his hometown, he’s likely to describe it as “industrial” and a “little rough”. Back in 1976, the small town in Scotland was all his family had ever known. That changed when he decided to come to Canada.

On his approach to assessing skills: “I keep things friendly and ask questions to learn more about a newcomer’s education, training, and skills. Once I have a reasonable idea, and confidence, in what I consider the newcomer’s “skill set”, then I’ll map out a target for the “right fit” job.”


Aurora, Regional Employment Placement Specialist

Why did Aurora come to Canada from the Philippines? She and her husband made the decision for their five children and one granddaughter. “So they can have more/better option in life.”

As a Regional Employment Placement Specialist she’s helping newcomers, like Rod and Michael, find their fit in Canada. She advises newcomers to “research everything about your new country and embrace diversity. Keep your sense of humour.”


Natalie, Regional Employment Placement Specialist

Some may be hesitant to move a family of five from the Isle of Wight in England to Kelowna, BC in Canada for the promise of year-round skiing opportunities with guaranteed snowy mountain terrains in the winter and convenient water access during the summer, but most people are not Natalie.

“We did it for the work/life balance and I’ve never once thought it was a mistake.” Ten years after her move, now she’s helping others find success in Canada.


Get in touch with the BCCA-IN team.

If you’re approved for immigration to Canada and want more information, email newcomers@bccassn.com.

If you’re approved for immigration and want to apply to the program, click here.