Career Potential and Communication Skills

Mehul Patel, an IT Professional from India, is currently working as a Projects and Account Manager at Vsourz Digital (a web design and e-commerce digital agency) in Toronto, Ontario.

Before landing in Canada, Mehul Patel took SOPA’s Soft Skills: Professional Communication course. Throughout the course, Mehul worked hard, had a positive attitude and always went above and beyond for each assignment. Having witnessed his strong initiative and personable nature, I was not surprised to hear that he was able to land a job in his field, in just a little over a month after landing!

“Communication plays an important role in any workplace environment and is also a key to unlock your career potential. I guarantee SOPA knows this best, as it has given me an opportunity to understand and improve my professional communication skills which I would never otherwise had a chance.”Mehul Patel

“I was in India when I was taking this course, but at the same time I could attend this program and remain in touch with my instructor in Canada. It was all perfect for me – the course facilitator, the online system, the well-paced, assignment-based learning environment.

The course has immensely helped me in integrating and adapting to the Canadian work environment, instilling cultural awareness, and teaching me an essential skill of working with a culturally diverse set of people. My new  job requires me to connect with new people, interact with them, understand their needs, respond effectively, present solutions, and participate in group meetings – I could see this course shaping and helping me at every stage of these interactions. I continue to remain thankful to Planning for Canada for connecting me with SOPA, Andreea for recommending this course, and Caroline for being an excellent facilitator, friend, and mentor throughout the journey. I highly recommended to all newcomers no matter where you are and at what stage of career you are in.”

We thank Mehul for giving us the opportunity to share his success story and wish him and his family all the best for the coming year!

Caroline Purver

– Caroline Purver

Cultural Communications Facilitator

SOPA Ontario