SOPA: Job Search Strategies Course

Job Search Strategies provides an opportunity for immigrants to become familiar with job search information and resources and the process of searching for a job in Canada. Participants learn and practice skills to become more competitive for positions in the Canadian labour market.

Job Search Strategies is highly interactive and involves regular contact with a facilitator with extensive experience in preemployment training. Over 6 weeks, participants progress through a variety of career-focused topics. Each unit covers a different topic and involves readings, case studies, activities, assignments, videos and additional learning resources. Participants take part in group discussions on relevant topics. The course is facilitated, offered online and requires 5-7 hours per week for 6 weeks.

“What is definitely an advantage of taking Job Search Strategies is that it equipped me with unparalleled skills in building a ‘Canadian’ style résumé, targeting it and preparing a meaningful and personal cover letter. I must say it was very helpful and I am more confident now in job searching with my well-shaped résumé and portfolio. Thank you!”

Course Topics

  • Canadian Style Resumes
  • General Resume Writing
  • Targeting Your Resume and Cover Letter
  • Essential Skills and Transferable Skills
  • Job Search Methods
  • Marketing Yourself
  • Preparing for Interviews
  • After the Interview
  • Immigrating to Canada?

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