News: Spring Forward with SOPA

I am very pleased to welcome you! Spring is fast approaching and the SOPA program is well underway! With close to 1000 client registrations, we are now delivering SOPA courses to pre-arrival clients in all partner areas right  across the country. Whether it’s introducing an engineer to Engineers BC, helping an Ontario bound accountant with her resume or an IT professional to better understand workplace culture in Atlantic Canada, SOPA intake counsellors and facilitators, from the east coast to the west, are helping our clients and future community members prepare for work in their destined Canadian communities by providing crucial information in that local context.

Pre-arrival services that facilitate early action and preparation are expected to facilitate faster and more efficient economic and social integration of newcomers to Canada by effectively addressing needs earlier in the integration process and improving connections between pre-arrival and post arrival services. The SOPA Staff understand the importance of this early action and preparation. And our clients do, too! They know that after participating in the SOPA Program, they will arrive in Canada better prepared and more confident.

Our  clients— nurses, engineers, IT professionals, financial professionals, technicians, healthcare professionals, among others—are arriving from India, Philippines, Nigeria, Albania, Iran, Israel, United Arab Emirates, China and approximately 65 more countries. And they are telling us that the SOPA program is fantastic. They feel knowledgeable. They feel connected. And they feel ready. One client said, “my fear has vanished”. Now that’s positive feedback!

After taking up to five SOPA courses, clients will integrate into their neighbourhoods and into their workplaces faster, more confidently and more successfully. They win, the community wins, the economy wins and Canada wins.Andrew Leverman

Please stay tuned for a new SOPA website and exciting promotional video. Visit for more information about our programs. We welcome your comments and suggestions on our content.

– Andrew Leverman,
Project Lead, SOPA