News: SOPA is Growing

Greetings all,

We are in the midst of summer in Canada and the SOPA program is growing every day! With close to 1400 client registrations, the program is now helping pre-arrival clients from all over the world to arrive prepared. Clients are praising the SOPA courses and orientation and they are telling their friends, family and neighbours about this terrific opportunity.  And, in exciting news, our clients who have finished the program are beginning to arrive in their new home provinces and many SOPA staff have had the chance to meet and welcome them in person to Canada!

Coming up in this summer issue, you will read several success stories about our clients improving their resumes, becoming more knowledgeable about Canadian workplace culture, getting job offers and generally being better prepared to for their arrival in Canada. You will also see more SOPA course information and a detailed feature on the Soft Skills courses. Also please make sure to check out the wonderful new SOPA website and SOPA video.

Finally, I want to say congratulations and continued success to our SOPA partners right across the country. They’ve really done a terrific job in establishing this important program for pre-arrival immigrants!

Please visit for more information about our SOPA program and for many other SOPA news. We welcome your comments and suggestions on our content.

– Andrew Leverman

Project Lead, SOPA