SOPA Intake and Orientation

After registration, SOPA clients participate in an Intake and Orientation session where they meet with an Intake Counsellor located with the SOPA Partner in their Canadian province destination. SOPA Intake Counsellors guide clients through a personalized one-hour planning session on career and settlement goals in the province of their destination.

Session Components

        • Needs Assessment
        • Action Plan
        • Settlement Resources Provided
        • Referral to SOPA Course Program
        • Referral to other post arrival employment services
        • Referral to regulatory bodies if applicable
        • Referral to other post arrival settlement services


To determine individual needs and goals ensuring customized pre-employment support for the client. The SOPA Intake and Orientation is the first step in this pre-arrival process, ensuring that immigrants will arrive in Canada better prepared, more confident and enter the workforce sooner.

Meet SOPA Intake Counselors from across all provinces!