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With over 2000 likes on our Facebook page, close to 1000 followers on Twitter and nearly 300 connections on LinkedIn, SOPA is taking on the serious task of providing our followers with the latest, relevant information.

Before starting their immigration journey, our prospective clients start searching through the vast amount of information that is available in the digital space, and it’s hard at times for newcomers to Canada to find what they need. We know this. And we want our followers and clients to feel better prepared to settle in a new community, so we anticipate their needs and search for this information.

And our Social Media channels are where we share this information. We share interesting articles on job search, interviews, communication techniques in the Canadian workplace, upcoming virtual and real events across the provinces in Canada. We also have Q&A days, days when we share tips and information about Canadian weather, geography and history, and when we post the Q&A from SOPA graduates.

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According to a recent SOPA survey, 80% of our clients said that they use LinkedIn prior to coming to Canada.

It is understandable as the LinkedIn platform is one of the best ways for newcomers to search for a job, and to network and to connect with the potential employers before even arriving in Canada.

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Tell us how and which Social Media you use before arriving in Canada?

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– Albina Ziatdinova

Online Community and Social Media Monitor