News: Arrive Prepared

Fall is here in Canada – we’ve already had snow out west! – and the SOPA program is now firmly established! In the last year, the program has helped hundreds of pre-arrival clients from all over the world to arrive prepared in their new Canadian home. And we are very proud to say that our biggest source of referrals is friends, family or acquaintances who have participated in or are familiar with SOPA. (We are constantly telling clients how important their network is – and this proves it!) These ongoing referrals are the greatest endorsement for our program! We couldn’t ask for better! Thanks to the many who have praised and recommended the program. We wouldn’t be here without you.

We know that pre-arrival services are very important for immigrants. We know the services work! SOPA clients are telling us again and again that they are arriving more confident, more knowledgeable and better prepared for their working life in Canada. And with the expected increase in immigration numbers for Canada, we know there will be lots more important work to be done. It’s very exciting.

We, of course, want SOPA to be the best program in can be. It’s already a terrific program – a fantastic orientation plus a menu of excellent courses ranging in duration from a few hours to 6 weeks. It’s comprehensive and has everything a newcomer destined for the Canadian labour market needs. But we are always interested in ways to improve. So, please continue to share your feedback and thoughts. And if you’ve participated in the program or are familiar with it, tell your network how great it is. We would love for clients to find out about our program as soon as they can!

Our SOPA partners continue, of course, to do an excellent job delivering the program right across the country. As an example, SOPA partners have been organizing and hosting a number of profession-specific webinars, providing information on pathways to professional licensure in the different provincial areas.

There is more to tell you, but I will let other members of the team do it. So, please read on for success stories, a social media update, and course features and description. And don’t forget to engage with us through social media! We’re on all the major channels. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, you should be. Join this rapidly growing professional network on SOPA LinkedIn and I will see you there!

Please visit for more information about our SOPA program. We welcome your comments and suggestions on our content.

– Andrew Leverman

Project Lead, SOPA