How did ‘Working in Canada’ help you?

Oksana Lepekha went through our ‘Working in Canada Course’. When we asked Oksana ‘Did this course help you?’ Oksana readily replied: “If anybody asks me that question – I will definitely say ‘Yes!’. This course is a great opportunity to discover and find out more information about Working in Canada, as I am sure every country has a unique process, so it is essential for us, newcomers, to know such details provided in this course. Also I got clarification on the things I somehow knew, but now I am more aware of them, especially information regarding income tax and how to file it, and other information. Regarding the structure of the course, it is relatively short and easy to follow, very interesting and all the information is easy to read and understand. I really like conversations and how they provide us with useful information. I am very pleased and happy that I took this course.”

– Oksana Lepekha

SOPA Alberta client


Our 2 Self-Guided Courses will provide you with the following information:

Working in Canada

Working in Canada provides critical information about Canadian workplace culture, including workplace orientation, organizational culture, workplace protection, employment contracts, taxes, pay, written and unwritten workplace rules. Participants learn about the unique characteristics of the Canadian workplace and how to integrate effectively into their field of employment in Canada.

Canadian Workplace Integration

Canadian Workplace Integration provides information about adapting to Canadian workplace culture. Topics include: how to adapt, the importance of communication styles, how to expand soft skills, using cultural communication, working with differences and understanding power dynamics in the Canadian workplace.


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